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"When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food..."


Oh, No! No Inventory Update

We apologize for the month-long problem of not being able to update our in-store inventory, so that you can see online just what we have or can get for you.
Please give us a call 815-285-2665 or write us if you need additional help and keep your fingers crossed that our amazing IT providers will find The Way soon!

Au Revoir, Sydni

There are not many bookstore/ coffeehouses which can boast having a visual artist living above, painting and drawing some stunning work (the play of light reminds us of Vermeer, Millet and Rembrandt) for display around the bookstore. Atop all that, she has some great reading recommendations, too. Sydni leaves us for the wilds of Plattsburgh, NY, but she will always be our resident artiste.

Saith Kurt Vonnegut by Sydni Reubin