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The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength, and Success (Paperback)

The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength, and Success Cover Image
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From fiery superstars like singing sensation Selena, who blazed new trails in pop culture, to little-known heroes like the Mirabal Sisters, who died for their country, The Book of Latina Women: 150 Vidas of Passion, Strength and Success, spotlights 150 amazing and influential Latinas. These fabulous women come from all periods in history and all walks of life. They've impacted the world with their contributions and accomplishments in history, science, politics, education, the arts, activism, sports, news, and entertainment-past and present... - Eva Peron ruled Argentina with flamboyance and an iron fist. - France Anne Cordova was the youngest person to ever hold the Chief Scientist position at NASA - Luisa Moreno organized civil rights groups to fight deplorable and unfair working conditions in sweatshops, factories, and agricultural fields in the 1930s. - Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz was the first feminist intellectual of the New World. - Rosemary "Rosie" Casals lobbied for equal rights for women on the tennis courts as a seven-time Wimbledon Women's Champion. - Botanist Ynez Mexia's first expedition was at the age of 57-in the 1950s. Throughout history, Latinas have broken down barriers and stereotypes, blazing their own trails to make a difference. They have followed their passions, expressed creativity, developed cures, stirred up controversy, stood up against the majority, fought for the underdog, and even died for their beliefs. These Latinas are catalysts of profound change. REVIEWS "We need more Latina role models. What we learn from The Book of Latina Women is that they have always been here-some in the shadows, some in the spotlight-making a difference with their passion." --Edward James Olmos, Actor & Co-producer, The Latino Book & Family Festival *** *** *** *** *** "Fascinating information It inspires, instructs and whets our curiosity, making us want to delve deeper into the times and lives of these Latinas. This compendium of remarkable Latinas is a must-read for all to better understand and appreciate the unique and distinct contributions these women have made to civilization. Described with dignity, respect and passion, this thoughtful and diverse compilation captures the spirit of these remarkable women's lives. Thank you for writing this book. How proud I am to be a Latina --Patricia Santana, Author, Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility *** *** *** *** *** "When I was a little girl, I would often visit the local library seeking escape from the projects. I wish The Book of Latina Women had been available to me back then. From a 15th century Jewish businesswoman, to the first gold-medalist in women's skateboarding at the X Games, to a pioneer in the field of cloning, Sylvia Mendoza has compiled an impressive collection of profiles of strong, smart and successful role models. The Book of Latina Women belongs on the shelves of every library, bookstore and home to inspire and empower future generations of kick-ass Latinas." --Marcela Landres, Publisher, the Latinidad Newsletter *** *** *** *** *** Latina girls sadly lack for readily available role models who reflect the many-hued Latin experience. High time we had a guidebook. Sylvia Mendoza's accessible and well-written chronicle of famous Latinas takes us from the world of politics to film, gutter to glamour; with eye-opening revelations in mini-biographical overviews. This book is a must for family libraries, and definitely for school libraries --Berta Platas, Author, Names I Call My Sister ************* LATINA POWER IN A BOOK Sylvia Mendoza reminds us that Latinas are smart, savvy, and powerful. The Book of Latina Women is a must-read book for young Latinas, young Latinos, and everyone looking for inspiration. --Cathy Areu, Publisher, Catalina Magazine ********** For any Latina and her daughters, this is an inspirational book that shows just how far you can reach --Caridad Pineiro, NY Times Bestsel.

About the Author

Growing up a Navy brat, Sylvia lived in different versions of paradise like Hawaii, Guam, San Diego and--later in life--Puerto Rico. Her most steady sources of entertainment? Reading, writing, and interacting with a vast array of interesting people and cultures. The combo led her to writing professionally--earning degrees in journalism along the way. Writing profiles and features stories--people stories--became her passion. Compiling and writing The Book of Latina Women changed her life. The women she researched inspired her to no end. Her mission became to empower and be empowered by sharing women's inspirational stories. When the book was selected for the 2007 California Collection for High Schools by the California Readers Association, Sylvia knew she'd struck a chord. Her wish is to get the book into the hands of as many students as possible so they can see that role models come from all walks of life and can be catalysts of profound change with their passion. Sylvia strives for that fire in all her writing. When she has to get away from her computer and get the blood flowing again, running on beaches is her favorite stress release. Spin classes and salsa dancing can also do the trick. Sylvia extends a heartfelt thank you to artist Aydee Lopez Martinez for the exquisite cover art for The Book of Latina Women.
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ISBN: 9780988523203
ISBN-10: 0988523205
Publisher: Sylvia Mendoza
Publication Date: February 19th, 2013
Pages: 418
Language: English