Cultural Intelligence: Surviving and Thriving in the Global Village (Paperback)

Cultural Intelligence: Surviving and Thriving in the Global Village By David C. Thomas, Kerr Inkson Cover Image

Cultural Intelligence: Surviving and Thriving in the Global Village (Paperback)


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Succeed in Any Culture, in Every Situation

In today’s global economy, the ability to interact effectively across cultures is a fundamental job requirement for just about everyone. But it’s impossible to learn the customs and traits of every single culture. David Thomas and Kerr Inkson present a universal set of techniques and people skills that will allow you to adapt quickly to, and thrive in, any cultural environment. You’ll learn to discard your own culturally based assumptions and pay careful attention, in a mindful and creative way, to cues in cross-cultural situations. The authors show how to apply cultural intelligence in a series of specific situations: making decisions; communicating, negotiating, and resolving conflicts; leading and motivating others; and designing, managing, and contributing to multicultural groups and teams.

This extensively revised third edition has been updated with new stories showing cultural intelligence in action. Thomas and Inkson have broadened the focus beyond business to include organizations of all kinds—nonprofits, governments, educational institutions, and more. And they include a reliable and valid measure of cultural intelligence based on a decade of research by an international team of scholars.
David C. Thomas is the Beedie Professor of International Management at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

Kerr Inkson is an emeritus professor and research advisor at the University of Auckland Business School in New Zealand.
Product Details ISBN: 9781626568655
ISBN-10: 1626568650
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Publication Date: March 20th, 2017
Pages: 216
Language: English
“Coaches all of us on how to live and work more effectively in a world economy that no longer recognizes nor understands borders.”
—Nancy J. Adler, S. Bronfman Chair in Management, McGill University

“Peppered throughout with fascinating stories and anecdotes, this book is as entertaining as it is instructive.”
—David Ryback, Business to Business magazine

“Highly recommended reading for business people and as a supplemental reading in courses on international business.”
—Library Journal

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