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Plant Based Cookbook: THIS BOOK INCLUDES "ANTI INFLAMMATORY DIET" + "ANTI ANXIETY DIET" A Complete Cookbook With Many Plant Based Recipes. E (Hardcover)

Plant Based Cookbook: THIS BOOK INCLUDES
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This Book Includes 2 Manuscript: "Anti Inflammatory Diet" + "Anti Anxiety Diet".

Besides having a Rigid Cover, this book is Entirely Printed In Colors. All the pages are made of a Thicker Paper + 70 LB (therefore, more convinient to browse). This gives a more professional and pleasant aspect.

If you care about your health and want to improve your physical and mental well being, this book is exactly what you were looking for

A lot of psychophysical problems, like body inflammation and various problematic on the mental level, are caused by the wrong way of eating.

In this book practical solutions to keep your body healthy and reach the necessary welfare to stay in shape and live well are described.

I advise you this book if you want to detoxify yourself and loose weight in a natural way too, thanks to a plant based diet.

This diet is suitable for all those who want to solve problems such as: chronic inflammation, stress, states of anxiety, panic attacks, negative thoughts, overweight, appetite control and much more. I'm sure that with this book you'll achieve excellent psychophysical benefits and an happier life

Bullet Points:

"Vegan Cookbook"

"Vegetarian Cookbook"

"Diet Cookbooks For Weight Loss"


"Diet For Men"

"Diet For Women"

"Diet Book"

"Vegan Recipes"

"Vegetarian Recipes"

"The Plant Based Vegan And Vegetarian Diet"

Important Points:

- This book is the only place you will learn how to prepare healthiest meals.

- The recipes are suitable for both adults and children.

- Enable busy parents to feed their families with healthy meals.

- Discover what foods help treat anxiety while reducing stress.

- It will help you to save time, money and still feed on delicious healthy meals.

- A guide to make grocery shopping simple, easy, and fast instead of the boring chore it once was.

- You will learn how you can prepare delicious meals even on a budget.

- Reduced stress, elevation of mood and warding off depression.

- Understand the inflammatory process and inflammatory disease.

- Understand the further health risks of prolonged, untreated inflammatory disease. And much more...

Ready to learn more about the "Plant Based Cookbook" and its amazing benefits?

A new healthy lifestyle is waiting for you


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Product Details
ISBN: 9781801646482
ISBN-10: 1801646481
Publisher: World Nutrition - To USA
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2021
Pages: 232
Language: English