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Pizza Cookbook: Many delicious and tasty recipes to become the best "Pizzaiolo" (Hardcover)

Pizza Cookbook: Many delicious and tasty recipes to become the best
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Are you looking for a Pizza Cookbook to bake amazing pizza at home?

In this book, you will find many recipes to prepare amazing pizzas at home for friends and family

Pizza is one of the most loved food in the world. From kids to elderly people, everybody enjoys a slice of hot pizza. Pizza is a type of food that can be shared. Pizza is the comfort food you eat when you are sad. Pizza is the classic home delivered orders for sports nights with friends.

Baking pizza at home is easier than you think. Preparing the dough is an art but follows easy short instructions and the ingredients needed are no more than five. Patience and execution are the only skills you need, but with this cookbook, you will master the art of making pizza.

Once the dough is ready and the yeast has done its job, garnishing the pizza is the fun part and you can produce thousands of combinations, from tomato sauce to hummus, from mozzarella cheese to anchovies.

If you love pizza and eating Italian food is what makes you happy, this book is for you.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781801693356
ISBN-10: 1801693358
Publisher: Ascobie Ltd
Publication Date: January 30th, 2021
Pages: 94
Language: English