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MiniScript Shorthand (Spiral)

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Existing shorthand systems (Gregg, Pitman, Teeline) provide non-alphabetical symbols or outlines to increase the writing speed. A number of writing strokes is significantly reduced and a high speed can be attained. However, a great deal of time must be spent on memorization and retention is difficult if you decide to use Gregg, Pitman, Teeline and similar symbol-based methods. On the other hand, speedwriting methods use alphabet letters and are easier to learn. But they require two or three strokes to write a standard letter and can not match a writing speed attainable by non-alphabetical shorthand. The MiniScript system is non-alphabetical version of the EasyScript method and designed to simplify learning and provide a high writing speed comparable to symbol-based shorthand and. EasyScript was introduced in 1990 and has become a viable alternative in the United States and worldwide for those who prefer to utilize alphabet-based speedwriting. MiniScript employs: a) a proven and popular EasyScript alphabet-based abbreviation methodology that reduces considerably the memorization volume by using a small set of abbreviating rules and b) writing abbreviations with special symbols to attain writing speeds comparable to non-alphabetical shorthand. Applying MiniScript you will need to remember only a list of 9 special symbols representing English alphabet. Symbols from conventional PC keyboard such as period (.), slash (/), comma (, ) are used and require little or no training. EasyScript book is not required to study MiniScript. A demo of EasyScript is available at our website
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ISBN: 9781893726116
ISBN-10: 1893726118
Publisher: Legend Publishing
Publication Date: April 1st, 2008
Pages: 128
Language: English