Getting to Know Elsie


Elsie Gordon has been here at Books on First for about two years. When not at work, Elsie enjoy painting and, of course, reading. Their favorite genre is science fiction, but they'll never turn down a good fantasy book with great world-building! Outside of the bookstore, they can also be found mixing paint up the street at Sherwin-Williams, teaching childrens' art classes at Woodlawn Arts Academy, or on stage at Stage Left>

COVID-19 2023

COVID-19 fight update:

Please respect our service team and fellow patrons who may want to continue to wear face coverings, keep a physical distance or do the safest thing for their & their loved ones' health & safety.


How to physically distance: Just stay 8 books laid end-to-end from your fellow booklover!

Whether you think the devastating effects of this novel coronavirus have been overblown or not, let's all work as a community to stay safe and keep our local businesses here for you!