Never before has a store so small fulfilled the needs of so many. We are privileged to be in business at this time in human history and technology, offering you, our customer, the choice of shopping for books online or in-store. 

So, feel free to browse and buy here,** but do also come visit us for some face-to-face and a cuppa at

202 West First Street

Dixon, IL  61021 


where we not only have delicious coffee and treats to go and handcrafted and specialty items, as well as great local art on the walls and invigorating conversation in the room, but best of all, personal book advice for yourself and your fortunate gift recipients.

Our Available Hours Are: 

Monday - Thursday  7am - 6pm
Friday  7am - 7pm
Saturday  8am - 8pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm




**Forgive us our vagaries, but we want to give personal service to all our customers, so your online order, made at 11:30pm or 3:14am or even 12Noon, will not be automatically fulfilled, but will be reviewed by us personally as soon as we can by the next business day and we may need to get in touch with additional questions to clarify and ensure you are getting exactly what you are looking for.  Thank you for your patience and continued patronage.

COVID-19 2023

COVID-19 fight update:

Please respect our service team and fellow patrons who may want to continue to wear face coverings, keep a physical distance or do the safest thing for their & their loved ones' health & safety.


How to physically distance: Just stay 8 books laid end-to-end from your fellow booklover!

Whether you think the devastating effects of this novel coronavirus have been overblown or not, let's all work as a community to stay safe and keep our local businesses here for you!