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"When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food..."


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Books on First has witnessed a lot of press over the years, but mainly because of our Very Important Patrons.  Keep on coming in.  Keep on being informed.  Keep on voicing your opinions.  That's what being a bookstore/coffeehouse is all about (besides selling you a book).

What is Books on First? Dunphy Discusses Downtown "Destination" , Community Spotlight: Books on First

Books on First supports the Arts as well as Tradition with Windows at Christmas Walk Time

Witness: Small-town Trump Voters Stick with the President

Witness: Chicago Tribune Visits Ronald Reagan's Hometown Upon the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump 

Special Pre-Release Visit: Before His One-Man Show at the Historic Dixon Theatre, Actor Ed Asner Comes to Books on First to Talk About His Yet-to-Be-Released Book

Special Dixonites Include Others Besides Ronald Reagan: Carolynn Brooks Returns to #PUSH "Persevere Until Something Happens"

Witness: She's All the Talk -- How Did Rita Crundwell Steal $53 million from Her Hometown of Dixon, Illinois?

Witness: Shop Small Saturday is Big at Books on First

Welcome, Bryce Austin & : Cyber Security Expert Has a New Book to Help the Non-Techie

More on our Resident Artiste Sydni Reubin: Dixon Watercolor Artist Taps into Her Creativity ,you can find her artwork in several local businesses downtown Dixon

Witness: Dixon's Sister Cities Association includes Herzberg, Germany, Which Has Allowed a Police Officer to Spend Some Time with Us



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