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"When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food..."


Oh, No! No Inventory Update

We apologize for the month-long problem of not being able to update our in-store inventory, so that you can see online just what we have or can get for you.
Please give us a call 815-285-2665 or write us if you need additional help and keep your fingers crossed that our amazing IT providers will find The Way soon!

In the News

Books on First has witnessed a lot of press over the years, but mainly because of our Very Important Patrons.  Keep on coming in.  Keep on being informed.  Keep on voicing your opinions.  That's what being a bookstore/coffeehouse is all about (besides selling you a book).

What is Books on First? Dunphy Discusses Downtown "Destination" , Community Spotlight: Books on First

Books on First supports the Arts as well as Tradition with Windows at Christmas Walk Time

Witness: Small-town Trump Voters Stick with the President

Witness: Chicago Tribune Visits Ronald Reagan's Hometown Upon the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump 

Special Pre-Release Visit: Before His One-Man Show at the Historic Dixon Theatre, Actor Ed Asner Comes to Books on First to Talk About His Yet-to-Be-Released Book

Special Dixonites Include Others Besides Ronald Reagan: Carolynn Brooks Returns to #PUSH "Persevere Until Something Happens"

Witness: She's All the Talk -- How Did Rita Crundwell Steal $53 million from Her Hometown of Dixon, Illinois?

Witness: Shop Small Saturday is Big at Books on First

Welcome, Bryce Austin & : Cyber Security Expert Has a New Book to Help the Non-Techie

More on our Resident Artiste Sydni Reubin: Dixon Watercolor Artist Taps into Her Creativity ,you can find her artwork in several local businesses downtown Dixon

Witness: Dixon's Sister Cities Association includes Herzberg, Germany, Which Has Allowed a Police Officer to Spend Some Time with Us



You know where we are: 202 West First Street, Dixon, IL  61021

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